About Ana

University of Toronto, Hounours Bachelor of Science

Hey there!

I’m Ana. I’m an SEO by day. But also a Neuroscience HBSc graduate, certified mental health first aider, and wellness advocate. 

I created Cacao as a resource to help you learn more about how to prioritize self-care, let go of mindset blocks and live a healthier, more balanced life because I know first hand how challenging it can be to conquer what feels like the impossible. 


I’ve always lived a relatively healthy life. But my midway through my freshman year of university, things started to shift.  I started experiencing debilitating gut health issues, anxiety, and chronic fatigue – among other health issues – and for a long while, it felt like things were never going to return to being normal again. 

Until things did change, just two years later, 

Bit by bit, through trial and error, learning and unlearning how my body and mind worked, my symptoms went away. And with that, I felt more confident, energetic, and at ease. 

Engaging in self-care, learning about how my mind and body worked, and cognitive restructuring changed my entire life.

It also enabled me to put 100% of my energy towards creating a life that I always wanted – to explore new paths, grow, to graduate university with a degree in Neuroscience, switch careers in a pandemic, earn more, and overall find more moments of peace and wellness in my everyday. 

I’m excited to be sharing with you how you too can transform your life and live a life more aligned with the one you desire, right here on Cacao.

about CACAO

At Cacao we believe that anything in life is achievable when you are healthy and well. 

But getting there alone can be challenging, and sometimes, we all need a little push and guidance. 

This is why I created Cacao – a digital hub and resource where you can come in, grab a cup of tea (coffee if that’s more your kind of thing), and explore topics around self-care, wellbeing, and personal growth, at your own pace.

 I want you to blossom into the best version of yourself. 

To feel inspired to live and feel well through our blogs, resources, and the support of a safe community. 

You belong here, welcome aboard!

Cacao is here to HELP YOU

  • Learn more about how your mental, and emotional states affect your body and overall wellbeing.
  • Develop sustainable self-care practices and routines that will help you reduce stress, anxiety, and overwhelm.
  • Identify tools and resources that will help you grow and live a life more in tune with one that you desire.  
  • Feel empowered to conquer what can sometimes feel like the impossible with the support of a safe community.


What are your credentials?

I have an Honours Bachelor of Science (HBSc) from the University of Toronto, where I majored in Neuroscience with a minor in Physiology and focus in Buddhism Psychology and Mental Health.

I also acquired my Mental Health First Aid Certificate from the Mental Health Commission of Canada and have worked closely with organizations to support youth and adults improve their health literacy and find appropriate health, wellness, and social supports. Regardless of my background, the information I provide on Cacao does not replace medical or professional advice.


Cacao (pronounced kuh·kau) is the bean-shaped seed from which cocoa, chocolate, and cocoa butter are made.

In both ancient and modern cultures worldwide, cacao and its products have long symbolized wisdom, joy, love, and abundance.

While you won’t find any actual Cacao on this website, my hope is that you can explore and experience what it symbolizes in all areas of your life, from engaging with the wealth of health, wellness, and personal development blogs and resources that exist right here. 

How do you pronounce your name?

My name is Ana (pronounced ah-nah), the same way Princess Anna from Frozen is pronounced. 


  • Personality: I would describe myself as a type A, ambivert with a good sense of humour. While I do enjoy being around people, I also enjoy being alone, going on nature walks, and expressing myself through the many arts.
  • Literature: I prefer non-fiction books to fiction. There’s something about connecting with other people’s stories that excites me.
  • Favourite  Color: My favourite color is blue, like the sky.
  • Background: I was proudly made in Luanda, Angola, raised by mixed African parents, and grew up in over 4 countries across the world. While I now call Canada home, I identify with being from more than one place and with more than one culture. #TCK #livinginthehyphen #blackandwhite 
  • Pets: I am definitely a dog-turned-cat person, and currently own a cat.

where else you can find me...

Come say Hi to me on the socials!  I would be thrilled to get to know you better. 🤍